Beef Jerky Cravings Got You Down? Conger Market's New Flavors Will Rock Your World! (Plus, Find Them Near You!)

Beef Jerky Cravings Got You Down? Conger Market's New Flavors Will Rock Your World! (Plus, Find Them Near You!)

Award Winning Beef Jerky

Attention jerky enthusiasts! Craving bold, new flavors crafted with premium, USDA-certified beef? Look no further than Conger Meat Market, your one-stop shop for jerky greatness. As an award-winning Minnesota company, we've recently expanded our horizons to bring our delicious jerky nationwide, and we're excited to help you discover your next jerky obsession. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with our two brand new flavor launches, each boasting unique profiles that promise to set your jerky world ablaze! Dive into our review highlights and discover why these innovative creations are turning heads (and satisfying appetites) across the country.


Black Pepper Beef Jerky Review 

Craving black pepper beef jerky that sends taste buds to heaven? Jacob Schlichter, back again, is raving about our latest flavor. This $4 in-store (or $5 online) treat comes in a thick-cut, 2-ounce pack loaded with "perfect balance" seasoning and meaty goodness. Jacob even proclaims it the "best black pepper jerky I've ever had," high praise coming from someone who knows jerky. So, if you're looking for an explosion of black pepper flavor in a satisfyingly thick bite, head to Conger Meat Market or our website to see if this jerky lives up to its heavenly reputation!


Green Hatch Chili Beef Jerky Review

Beef jerky fans rejoice! Jacob Schlichter, of YouTube channel fame, proclaims the newest green hatch chili offering from Conger Meat Market as his all-time favorite. This flavor bomb packs a punch with hatch chili, jalapeno, guajillo, cayenne, and green bell peppers, all wrapped up in a perfectly tender bite. The $4.00 in-store price point makes it even more tempting, although online shoppers will face a slight $1.00 premium. Don't just take Jacob's word for it - head down to Conger Meat Market or check them out online to see if this jerky lives up to the hype!


Beef Jerky Near Me 

Craving bold, award-winning jerky? Look no further than Conger Meat Market's newest launches: Black Pepper and Green Hatch Chili! Both reviewed by jerky aficionado Jacob Schlichter, these flavors promise taste-bud explosions. Black Pepper boasts "perfect balance" and meaty thickness, earning Jacob's "best ever" praise. Green Hatch Chili delivers a fiery punch with its unique pepper blend, becoming Jacob's all-time favorite. Ready to embark on your own jerky adventure? Visit Conger Meat Market in person or online - your taste buds will thank you! Remember, both flavors are made with USDA certified beef, ensuring premium quality you can trust. Don't just take our word for it, see if Conger Meat Market Beef Jerky lives up to the hype!
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