Custom Processing

Farm to Table Beef Processing 

We are here to help you get your custom beef processing needs for 2023 and beyond - we look forward to serving you soon!

USDA Certified Beef - Conger Meat Market

Now taking custom beef orders for 2023, print your order sheet here


Custom Beef Processing - Conger Meat Market


Farm to Table Pork Processing 

Conger Meat Market is a USDA federally inspected meat processing plant in Conger, MN that has been operating since 1935. We are committed to providing our customers with great tasting products and service they can trust!

USDA Certified Pork Processing

Now taking custom pork orders for 2023, print your order sheet here
Custom Pork Processing - Conger Meat Market

Venison Processing 

Venison Processing | Conger Meat Market