Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Steak from Fellers Ranch

Locally Raised & Processed Wagyu Beef

The Conger Meat Market is the best place to buy Wagyu beef. All of our premium, high-quality meats are processed here and available for purchase in store or online! 

Fellers Ranch® is a partnership between a third-generation family farmer, a 75 year-old family-owned (USDA-inspected) artisan butcher shop, and several seasoned ranchers. Together, we have an exciting new vision. That vision is based on decades of raising cattle and processing meat. We are all located in south-central Minnesota, which is where our cattle are raised.


Fellers Ranch - Minnesota's Natural Wagyu

Fellers Ranch® produces the highest quality Wagyu beef in the Midwest. Our cattle are fed a custom diet and are raised in a low stress environment. Following 14 days of dry aging, the result is amazing tenderness, marbling, and flavor.