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Conger Meat Market offers a variety of locally raised and processed pork... 

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Conger Meat Market offers a variety of USDA Certified Choice Beef Products... 

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Conger Meat Market is your source for Fellers Ranch Wagyu beef products.... 

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Trust family farmers and beef lovers to know the best in beef. We believe happier cattle make better beef, so we raise our Wagyu cattle nice and slow — for quality, not quantity — in clean, stress-free environments.

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  • Kelly Hemme

    Best summer sausage ever. And the dried beef is fantastic. Can't forget the Beef Jerky. It's all great. A must stop. Definitely a destination stop for delicious meat.

  • Ron Reshetar

    Excellent place to get your meat products, locally owned and operated. Good prices and quality meat, what more could you ask for? I Highly recommend their store.....

  • Jeff Jensen

    I heard about a pork special they had so I decided to give them a try. I'm sure glad I did they helped me through the process and were very friendly and personable. Also the locker is very nice clean with a great supply of there offerings for sale. I'm very happy with the product I received and highly recommend them.

  • Derrick Barnes

    Called 5 different places in the area and they were the only ones who would work with goose meat. The goose sticks they made up for me turned out fantastic and are reasonably priced. They had them done in less than a week.

  • Timothy Colstrup

    They do great job processing meat and have a good selection. I highly recommend their meat for outdoor grilling and smoking.

  • Derek Drescher

    Used to live just down the road and I make a point of always getting something from here before I leave again. They have a lot of great ready to eat meat based travel food for good prices, as well as the usual market meats

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