Conger Meat Market: A Legacy of Community and Quality Meat (1935-Present)

Conger Meat Market: A Legacy of Community and Quality Meat (1935-Present)

Conger Meat Market 

From humble beginnings to award-winning success, Conger Meat Market has proudly served southern Minnesota and northern Iowa for over 80 years.

Founded in 1935 by Ray and Mabel Bohonek, the market began with Ray's traditional Czechoslovakian recipes and a passion for quality. Over the years, ownership passed through generations, each family member adding their dedication and innovation.

Today, under the ownership of Jeremy and Darcy Johnson, Conger Meat Market thrives in a new, expanded facility. Committed to sourcing local ingredients and supporting the community, they earned the 2019 Minnesota Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year award.

Conger Meat Market is owned by Darcy and Jeremy Johnson


History of Conger Meat Market 

Let's explore the journey:

  • 1935: Ray and Mabel establish the market, bringing Ray's family recipes from Czechoslovakia.
  • Through the years: The business flourishes under different family ownerships, each adding their expertise.
  • 2004: Jeremy and Darcy take over, committed to modernization and expansion.
  • 2015: They acquire and renovate the former creamery, doubling the market's size.
  • 2017: The new facility opens, boasting USDA certification and supporting the farm-to-table movement.
  • 2019: Darcy Johnson is awarded the Minnesota Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year for their dedication and community work.
  • 2023: Addition of 3,600 square feet of freezer, cooler, storage, and processing space. We’ve also invested in all-new packaging equipment to improve shelf life and ensure that our products continue to exceed your expectations.

Conger Meat Market provides small town service for clients large and small

More than just a market, Conger Meat Market is a community hub:

  • Award-winning sausages and smoked products: Preserving Ray's legacy with delicious, traditional recipes.
  • Local sourcing and farm-to-table focus: Supporting local farmers and offering fresh, high-quality ingredients.
  • Custom butchering and wild game processing: Catering to diverse customer needs.
  • Active community involvement: Donating to local organizations and participating in church activities.

Visit Conger Meat Market in Albert Lea or Conger to experience their commitment to quality and community. Enjoy their daily fresh cut meat counter, featuring USDA Choice cuts, beef jerky, and their acclaimed beef sticks.

Conger Meat Market Logo

Conger Meat Market: A timeless tradition of quality meats and community spirit

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