Conger Meat Market Haul: Pre-Cooked Chops, Spicy Brats, and Variety-Packed Beef Sticks

Conger Meat Market Haul: Pre-Cooked Chops, Spicy Brats, and Variety-Packed Beef Sticks

Conger Meat Market Haul 

Calling all fellow meat lovers! Jacob Schlichter recently swung by Conger Meat Market (check us out in Albert Lea and Conger) and picked up a delicious haul that he just had to share. This is just a glimpse into the treasure trove of meats they offer, so get ready to drool!


Convenient Comfort: Pre-Cooked Windsor Chops

First up, let's talk convenience. I snagged some pre-cooked Windsor Chops for a mere $5! Perfect for those busy weeknights, these babies just need a quick heat-up before being paired with your favorite sides for a satisfying meal. Pick them up in Albert Lea or give us a call to place your order at (507) 265-3340. 


Spice Up Your Life: Hot Mexican Brats

Next, we have the Hot Mexican Brats, generously gifted by Jeremy (thanks, man!). These beauties promise a flavor fiesta with their spicy kick, perfect for those who like a little heat in their meat.


Beef Stick Bonanza: Wagyu, Hunter, and Pizza Flavors!

And now, the stars of the show: the Conger Meat Market meat sticks! Each pack boasts around 6 beef sticks, each weighing roughly a third of a pound. Craving pure indulgence? Try the all-natural Wagyu. Feeling adventurous? Go for the Hunter Beef Sticks. Or do you have a pizza party for one in mind? The Pizza Beef Sticks have you covered.

This is just a taste of the diverse selection of beef sticks, jerky, and brats available at Conger Meat Market. With so many options, there's a flavor for everyone. So, head over to their website or visit their store in person, and tell them what YOU loved the most!

Don't forget to:

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  • Let us know which meat stick flavor sounds most tempting!

See you next time for another delicious adventure!

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