Get Bacon Bliss and Beyond: Conger Meat Market's Half Pig & Whole Hog Special!

Get Bacon Bliss and Beyond: Conger Meat Market's Half Pig & Whole Hog Special!

Hey grill masters and foodie families, Conger Meat Market has a deal so sizzling, it's practically crackling! February and March only, we're offering a Half Pig or Whole Hog Special that'll stock your freezer with fresh, local pork perfection – and get you bacon heaven straight to your own backyard!

Skip the grocery store grind and savor the benefits:

  • Stock up on quality: Say goodbye to mystery meat! This special lets you control the source and quality of your pork, guaranteeing farm-fresh flavor and ethical sourcing.
  • Bespoke butchering: Forget generic cuts! Customize your pig to your cravings. Want extra bacon? Done. Need more chops? No problem. Our expert butchers will transform your pig into your personal pork paradise.
  • Save some moo-lah: Buying in bulk means savings galore! Compared to supermarket prices, you'll be bacon-saving with every delicious bite.
  • Local love: Support your community and savor the taste of home by choosing locally-raised pork. Feel good, eat good – it's a win-win!

Custom meat processing at the Conger Meat Market in Conger, MN


Half Pig or Whole Hog? The Choice is Yours:

  • Half Pig for $200: Perfect for smaller families or adventurous cooks, a half pig yields around 70-90 pounds of delicious cuts, including bacon, chops, roasts, sausage, and more – enough to fill your freezer and fuel epic family feasts.
  • Whole Hog for $375: Go pork-tastic with a whole hog, feeding large families and BBQ fanatics for months! Expect 120-150 pounds of meaty goodness, ensuring you'll never run out of bacon, ribs, or pulled pork perfection.

Don't wait, this offer is smokin'! Contact Conger Meat Market today to:

  • Reserve your pig: Limited spots available, so secure your delicious destiny before it's gone!
  • Discuss custom cuts: Tell us your porky dreams, and we'll make them meaty reality.
  • Learn more about our USDA-certified processing: Rest assured, your pig will be handled with care and expertise every step of the way.

Conger Meat Market: Where your local pig farmer brings their hogs to be processed so you can enjoy farm to fork meats.

Call us today, and get ready to say "so long, supermarket" and "hello, bacon bliss!"

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