Star Tribune Spotlights Our Butcher Shop | Conger Meats, Conger, MN

Star Tribune Spotlights Our Butcher Shop | Conger Meats, Conger, MN

Discover the acclaimed family owned butcher shop in Conger, MN since 1935, as featured in the Star Tribune. We're excited to be recognized and invite you to explore our online store or give us a call for a special order.

Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering offerings such as wieners, ring bologna, summer sausage, beef jerky, and tantalizing cuts for your dinner plate. Don't miss out on our award-winning bacon and delectable beef sticks!

Enjoy great savings and convenience by purchasing meat in bulk, allowing you to stock up your freezer while keeping your family budget in check.

As a trusted USDA certified meat processing plant, we prioritize the farm-to-table experience for consumers and brands alike. With a dedicated USDA inspector overseeing animal welfare and quality, we specialize in pigs and cattle. You'll also find locally-raised Wagyu beef from Fellers Ranch on our menu.

For the ultimate value and flavor, we highly recommend considering a quarter or half beef purchase if you have the freezer space. And if you're in the Twin Cities area, take advantage of our $20 meat delivery service to ensure your family is well-fed.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor quality meats from a family-owned establishment. Check out the feature in the Star Tribune for more details:

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