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Conger Meat Market is a  USDA-federally inspected meat processing plant in Conger, MN. Butchering is now available every day; we can offer a wide variety of products to suit your taste. Venison is available seasonally. To schedule an appointment, call 507-265-3340. Please remember that fall appointments fill up a year in advance, so book early!


We offer custom beef cuts including whole, half, and quarters. All beef is aged a minimum of 14 days prior to cutting. We offer custom pork cuts, whole, or halves. We cut to your specifications based on the attached cutting instruction sheet (see specific instructions below). Please bring the instructions with the animal or call 507-265-3340.


Beef Products

We sell locally raised beef or pork, custom cut to your specifications. Order forms are available for download at the bottom of this section! Beef is sold by whole, half, or quarter. The quality is the same as those in our fresh meat case.


Quarter Beef:

Start Weight -

Approximately 200 Pounds


T-Bone Steaks

6 to 8 @ 1" Thick


6 to 8 @ 1" Thick

Sirloin Steaks

5 to 6 @ 1" Thick

Round Steak

7 to 8 Pounds (Can Be Cut For Stew or Round Roasts)

Chuck Roasts

3 to 4 @ 3 Pounds Each

Arm Roasts

3 to 4 @ 3 Pounds Each

Sirloin Tip and Rolled Rump

1 Each @ 3 1/2 Pounds Each

Ground Beef


Approximately 50 Pounds


Pork Products

Locally raised pork is a delicious and healthy choice. Pork chops, pork roasts, hams, and award-winning bacon are all cut to your specifications. Here's an example of all the pork trim products you can have made:


Brat or Brat Patties

Cheddar Brats

Cooked Brat

Fresh Pork Links or Smoked Links

Ham Loaf or Ham Loaf Patties

Jalapeno/Cheese Brat


Mushroom Cheddar Brat

Old-Fashioned Course Ground Ring Bologna

Old-Fashioned Course Ground Wieners

Plain Ground Pork/ Plain Pork Patties

Polish Sausage

Pork Producer Patties

Pork Sausage (Original, Pepper Flake, or Italian)

Pork Sausage Patties

Smoked Brat

Taco Brat

Wild Rice Brat


Lamb Products









Venison Products

Conger Meat Market will only be excepting clean packaged trim. We will no longer be accepting whole carcass deer! A deposit of $25.00 per trim orders is required. Deposits are non-refundable. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but due to lack of labor it was what we had to do at this time.

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Conger Meat Market offers a daily fresh cut meat counter displaying a variety of USDA Choice T-Bones, ribeye's, sirloins, fresh-cut pork, beef jerky, chicken, lamb, and venison.

 Fellers Ranch™ Wagyu Beef - Minnesota's Finest Wagyu Beef. 

We are a USDA Certified Processing Plant that provides farm to table fresh, high quality, local meats.

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